What is kindly? 

Kindly was created by a team of people with a desire to protect our planet, and a tendency to think outside of the box. We’re passionate about designing products that are not only kind to your body, but to your wallet. And we believe that the right decisions start close to your heart. It’s why we developed a line of sustainable intimates, as well as the world’s first plant-based bra, made from sugarcane.


What is kindly's mission?

At kindly, it’s our promise to democratize sustainable products for you and generations to come. So when you wear kindly, you never have to choose between function, planet, or price. 


Where can I buy kindly products?

Kindly is sold in exclusive partnership with Walmart, and can be found on Walmart.com or in over 3,300 stores nationwide. 


What do you mean by "plant-based?"

Our team has spent years developing our custom plant-based materials. After extensive research and close to 30 trials and iterations, we found that sugarcane - yep, the plant - could be used as an eco-friendly material source for bra pads and fabrics.


How do I know you're not greenwashing when you talk about sustainability?

While we pride ourselves on the steps we’ve taken toward creating sustainable products, we know that there’s a lot more to be done. Our products are remade with kindness from 75% recycled materials, collectively, with the remaining fabrics reserved for sanitary and quality assurances. 

How should I care for my kindly products?

Treat your intimates with kindness by washing on cold. Pro tip: Save energy by hanging your items to dry.